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VIAR started when our founder started making Google-style Cardboards from pizza boxes to test our apps.

He ended up with completely new design. We called it ViarBox. It is comfortable, durable and ready to use in seconds – all that Google Cardboard is missing. It’s the World’s first portable and pre-assembled VR cardboard.

With ViarBox, we want to help your business by offering you a simple and affordable way to use VR for marketing. Virtual Reality is the next big thing. Surprise and delight your customers with your own professionally designed VR goggles.


As a marketing person, you have to come up with new ideas on how to surprise and reward your clients. You have a promotional campaign scheduled up and you already know that Virtual Reality is all the rage.

You decide to get a custom branded VR cardboard - just like the one Google Cardboard offered a few years ago, but you want to have your name on - your unique design. Something that makes you memorable.


So you scour the websites and find a few different providers. You could buy the VR headsets from Chinese vendors. However, the shipping costs surprise you and you’re not really sure about the ethical conditions of the workforce.

Then you could buy at the local provider. This means you will have to pay about 100% markup price and while you will get a generic VR cardboard, you will also overpay for the value.


What if you could get a proven quality cardboard, with transparent pricing and fast delivery to every corner of the world? Now that would be something worth to check, right?


ViarBox started in the early March 2015 where the small team from Slovenia developed custom VR apps for clients. These apps went hand in hand with VR headsets which we ordered from China. While the apps were great, the quality of the VR viewers wasn’t.

We couldn’t buy and ship expensive headsets from other providers so the CEO, decided to make our own. Since he graduated in Mechanical Engineering and was known in class for precision and creative ideas, it didn’t take long to have the first model out.


Since then we keep improving, listening to client demands and wishes to create our best two products up to date.

ViarBox Premium and ViarBox Lite are both engineered with the customer in mind. Now your Viarbox cardboard VR viewers come with adjustable IPD which makes them the best choice for children, unique package sleeve which is also branded and best quality material out there.



That’s why we are trusted by companies such as Samsung , DisneyCritical Mass and even Microsoft vendors. The manufacturers and vendors we are working with are all based in our local hometown.


What we offer is what you need:

A fast delivery of quality VR cardboards to your company or your clients. Every step of the way is documented so you always know at what stage your order is and when it’s coming.


Let us know what your project is and how many Virtual Reality headsets you need.


Use the form here. Samples are also available just in case you’re not convinced that ViarBox are the best VR cardboards out there.

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We are a Seattle-based Slovenian startup on a mission to help anyone go to places that they never imagined they could go.



320 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Viar d.o.o.
Jenkova ulica 13
3000 Celje, Slovenia, EU
VAT: 26927942


*Google Cardboard is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

ViarBox headsets are inspired and upgraded on Google Cardboard design.